The personal data you leave on %WEBSITEURL% or linked registration documents will be processed by %COMPANYNAMELONG%, from this point on referred to as "%COMPANYNAME%" . The processing of your personal data will be done in a manner that is in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. By using this website and/or providing your personal data on the website you give %COMPANYNAME% , the explicit and unambiguous permission to process this data.

Your personal data will only be collected and processed for the following purposes:

• Use and management of the website in general, including sending and receiving messages;

• Providing information about the features, services and products of %COMPANYNAME% ;

• Providing information about activities of %COMPANYNAME% ;

• Giving information to %COMPANYNAME% about how a single user is using and processing through the website;

 %COMPANYNAME%  only processes personal data that is necessary for the aforementioned purposes.

By personal data we mean all relevant requested data, cookies and surf behaviour on this website (%WEBSITEURL%).


The necessary personal data are passed on to our partners when necessary (such as but not limited to TOPunt Gent vzw). This in order to guarantee a smooth service. Your personal data will never be passed on to third parties for marketing purposes or other commercial actions.


Please note that we may not have any personal data from you at all because we automatically anonymize our data as much as possible.

Right of access: If you want to view the information we hold about you, it is sufficient to request it via %ADMINMAIL%.

Right to correction and deletion: If you wish to change personal data you can send an e-mail with the desired changes to %ADMINMAIL%. You can delete your personal data by sending an e-mail to %ADMINMAIL% stating the personal data to be deleted. However, deleting your data may mean that you can no longer use (part of) our services.

Right of transferability: If desired, we can provide your personal data in a .xml or .csv file. You can request this information at any time via %ADMINMAIL%. At your request we can deliver this information directly to a third party.

Viewing, improving, deleting or transferring personal data is a right. Therefore, %COMPANYNAME%  will not ask for any compensation for this.


On the website of %COMPANYNAME%  general visitor data is kept with the aim of optimizing the website. Individual visits can also be monitored, with a view to improving our services to our members.


The website uses (essential, functional, analytical, and performant (but NO advertisement)) cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are used for the execution or facilitation of the execution of a service that you have requested. Most cookies only work for the duration of a single session or visit.

Do you prefer not to receive cookies?

You have the possibility to configure your browser so that it notifies you each time cookies are created or that it prevents their creation. However, if you refuse the use of cookies, we can not guarantee the proper functioning of the website and sending of communications and the delivery of certain services.


%COMPANYNAME%  does everything it can to protect your personal data as well as possible. If a data breach does occur, whereby third parties will have access to your personal data, this will be reported to the competent authorities and to the persons whose data has been leaked at the latest 72 hours after the data breach.

Have you discovered a (possible) data breach? Please report this as soon as possible via %ADMINMAIL% and/or %COMPANYMAIL%.


%COMPANYNAME%  reserves the right to change this without notice in accordance with the applicable privacy rules. Last update: February 2020


If you have questions about our privacy policy, please contact us via %COMPANYMAIL%.