REFLECT = Raising awareness and stimulating Executive Functioning and social emotional Learning by integrating Evidence-based strategies in the Classroom to empower pupils, Teachers and parents.


Aim: In the REFLECT project we aim to promote children’s social, emotional and academic engagement and growth by offering evidence-based strategies. These strategies are designed to enhance Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Executive Functioning (EF) in the daily practice. Ultimately we aim to decrease the risk of social exclusion and improve pupil’s academic performance by enhancing awareness of the importance of SEL and EF and by empowering pupils and their context. We will do this by targeting teachers, parents and pupils. The age range of 8 to 12 years will be our focus because that age is crucial for interventions on SEL and EF.
Intellectual outputs:

  1. We will develop a list of cross-cultural criteria that are essential for an evidence-based intervention on SEL and EF.
  2. Based on literature review we will create a compendium of essential evidence-based components for enhancing SEL and EF.
  3. This compendium will be translated into a cross-national course for teachers (and their support system staff). The same teacher course will be implemented in all countries with at least five school teams participating per country.
  4. The impact of the course will be evaluated through self-report questionnaires.
  5. We want to empower pupils, teachers and parents by creating an app with tips and tricks about SEL and EF. The result will be an easy to implement evidence-based toolbox to promote SEL and EF at different levels, that will be cross-cultural and easy transferable to other users (teachers, parents, pupils) and other countries.